Zone 6 Public Comment Recommendations 

The initial public comment period ends June 24th, Please leave a comment ASAP!

There are certain criteria that need to be met for a comment to be considered within the SEIS (Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement) process. Comments which are considered “Substantive” and especially those which present new information, or point out any deficiencies with the original SEIS which was conducted before 2021. The BLM is obligated to respond to all comments which meet this criteria. Below is an example of an effective comment. Feel free to copy from this example, to create a comment of your own:

1. Sample Introduction: 

I would like to bring the following information to the attention of the Bureau of Land Management and the Fish and Wildlife Service: 

2. Sample Paragraphs (Please add more personalized information)


The Zone 6 area is important habitat for a variety of endangered and threatened species, including hundreds of Mojave Desert Tortoises, a thriving population of Gila Monsters, and critical habitat for the endangered Dwarf Bear Poppy flowers, which occur nowhere else on earth. The habitat in Zone 6 is some of the most densely populated habitat for desert tortoises range-wide. I believe that additional studies need to be conducted to analyze the ecological significance of Zone 6 to prevent further development from destroying these precious resources. 

The recreational opportunities within Zone 6 are important to the health of locals, and also to the economic health of the surrounding communities. With over 65 miles of non-motorized trail systems, this area contributes to the physical and psychological health of the locals who enjoy the trails. These trails bring in important revenue for the local economy, with large scale events happening regularly. Also there are several world-renowned climbing and bouldering areas within Zone 6. These include Moe’s Valley, Zen Wall, Mario Land, and Green Valley Gap. People travel here from all over the world to climb, and also to attend the annual climbing and cleanup events which happen in this area. These travelers are spending a significant amount of money at local businesses. I request additional studies to be conducted which analyze the recreational significance of the area, both in terms of health and also economic contributions to the economy. I request language be included in the SEIS plan, or other management prescription for Zone 6 that explicitly notes “rock climbing as an appropriate recreational activity” within the area. In addition, existing trails to access climbing resources should be recognized and allowed along with appropriate stewardship and maintenance within Zone 6. 

There is important cultural and historical significance within the area which is still mostly unknown since archeological surveys here have been mostly neglected. There is evidence of habitation by the Ancestral Pueblo people and others in this area going back at least 1000 years, with pottery fragments and arrowheads, preserved corn cobs, and possible human remains which have not been adequately studied. An archaeological survey was conducted in which several sites were nominated to be included in the National Register of Historic Places, however this process was never completed. One of these petroglyph sites was used in ancient times as a calendar precisely marking winter solstice within a carved stone spiral. It was recently sold to developers and has subsequently been damaged by vandalism and unmitigated encroachment from the neighborhood. I am concerned about what other cultural and historical treasures are potentially at risk of destruction within the Zone 6 area. I request the BLM and/or SITLA to conduct a comprehensive study of the area to analyze these historical resources. Also I request that the BLM and RCDR take proactive steps to engage with any Tribal authorities who are interested in the cultural resources which are at risk.

3. Sample Closing Paragraph:

Thank you for your consideration of these important issues. The preservation of Zone 6 should be guaranteed, regardless of the outcome of the Northern Corridor. I strongly urge the BLM, SITLA, and the RCDR to conduct further analysis.

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