Moe's Valley and Zone 6

Due to an ongoing lawsuit, the federal government is now considering removing over 6,800 acres, known as "Zone 6" from the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. In 2021, the Reserve was expanded to protect: 

However, this expansion was included in conjunction with the Northern Corridor project, which is effecting public lands north of St. George. If the BLM rescinds the Northern Corridor authorization, half of the Zone 6 land may be sold off and privately developed.  Access to public recreation areas could be denied. Vulnerable species will lose their protection. The habitat may be destroyed.

Please provide comments to the federal government urging them to keep the protections in this area, regardless of the outcome surrounding the Northern Corridor project. 

We need your help to protect Moe's Valley. Please leave a comment to help show the legislators how important this area is to us!      

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This conservation effort relies on support from the Southern Utah Climbers Alliance, check out the website and consider becoming a member! It will help us all to protect the areas we love, and help organize cleanups and community building events like the recent Moe's Valley Climbing Festival. 

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Map of Moe's Valley from the guidebook